Interesting Article on Saving Money on Wedding Items

Found an interesting article recently regarding how to save money on weddings and the things that go along with them like food, drinks, meals, and desserts.

Admittedly, we don't agree with all of the cost cutting measures, but they do give a little perspective in light of what some might think are necessary.

Here are a few of the ones we liked:

2. Do Not Have Servers
My mom thought it would be really fun to have servers walking around with trays of appetizers at my wedding. In the end though, we decided to pass on the idea. Your guests will care a lot more about actually eating appetizers than how it is presented to them, and you won’t have to pay the extra wait staff.

Just set up a central line to get food. Simple. And people won't notice most likely.

11. Check the Prices of Both Plated and Buffet Meals
I have always thought that a buffet is more expensive because guests will eat more food, and therefore, more food is needed. At the venue for my wedding, this was true; the buffet was more expensive than the plated meal. Others will argue the opposite. My advice is to check the prices of both options, and go with the cheaper.

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