General Information and Guidelines

Over The Vines provides you the opportunity to choose your own vendors with many area businesses to help make your event a success. Below are suggested sources for services in the area:

  • We want your Over the Vines experience as reminiscent of nature as our guests desire, therefore our facility is not heated or air-conditioned.
  • We hope you have a great time with us so electricity is available for use at your own discretion (200 amp service). We are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control.
  • Restrooms are provided.
  • Please be advised to prepare for inclement weather. We are unable to control naturally occurring events. Therefore, you agree that we are not responsible for unexpected changes in weather.
  • To avoid fire hazards, candles and open flames are not permitted and LED lights are preferred.
  • We are a non-smoking facility. However, an outdoor ashtray is provided at a designated smoking area.
  • Over the Vines is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  • Guests are welcome to decorate the Wine Barn and outside areas. Please be advised that we prefer that no staples or nails are used. Have fun!


  • Parking for approximately 135 vehicles, and we will direct traffic accordingly.
  • Handicap & Wheelchair Accessibility, and Parking


  • All caterers must be on the Over The Vines Approved Caterers list (found here-PDF).
  • Over The Vines does not supply glasses, plates, or utensils.


All alcohol must be purchased from and served by Over the Vines and its licensed bartenders (in compliance with Wisconsin State Laws and Regulations, alcohol cannot be served to minors, etc).

Guests are responsible for all consequences of alcohol consumption. 

Over the Vines does not allow alcohol beverages to be brought onto the property.

Please contact us for more information.drinking-signs

Property Preparations

  • You agree that it is your responsibility to return the site to its original state (i.e. how you found it). Over The Vines will take care of all trash removal, set up and take down of chairs, tables, and cleaning.
  • You may access the space on an agreed upon time for decorating dependent on availability.
  • You are responsible for any and all damage of Over the Vines facility and property during their event, so please be careful during your time with us.

Local Vendors And Services

Our vendor list has grown, so you can find a dedicated page here: Vendors